Q: How do I join the Eaton Certified Contractor Network?


A: Joining the Eaton Certified Contractor Network is easy. 

  • Are you a electrical contractor that performs renovation or service work?
  • Are you looking to partner with a manufacturer in an effort to provide clients with an increased level of confidence about your already stellar work?
  • Are you looking for ways to give you and your technicians an advanced level of technical training ?
  • Do you want to separate yourself from the other electrical renovation and service contractors in your area?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you need to become a member of the ECCN.  Please apply today using the link at the bottom of the page.

After registering your company to be a part of the Eaton Certified Contractor Network, you will receive an email confirming your enrollment and you can begin taking advantage of the web-based training and learn more about the Eaton line of residential products. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Q: What do I get when I join the Eaton Certified Contractor Network?


A: After joining the Eaton Certified Contractor Network, you will receive marketing and business tools created with you and your business in mind. These tools include:

  • An initial certification course to increase your knowledge on market opportunities, Eaton products and their value to your clients, consultative selling and service standards.
  • Access to a Member’s only website That Contains:
  • Customizable business tools and marketing tools
  • ECCN university – a wide array of courses are available for all employees to take in order to sharpen business skills.
  • ECCN welcome Kit  - This welcome kit was designed to help you increase your business and includes:
    • Circuit breakers
    • Complete home surge protection
    • AFCI combo receptacle
    • Assorted wiring device products
    • Product literature
    • ECCN uniform patches
    • Vehicle ID (magnet / vinyl)
  • Exclusive access to Eaton product personnel
  • A presence on the Eaton website for referrals and leads.

As membership grows in your area, look forward to joint marketing efforts and a complete lead generation system to drive business and capture it for the members of the network!


Q: Is there a fee associated with joining the program?

A: Yes. There is a fee associated with being a member of the Eaton Certified Contractor Network. 

ECCN subscription includes access to the exclusive ECCN website for you and your employees for a one time fee of $499


Q: How do I take a certification class?

A: There are two ways to take a certification class: in-person or virtually.

  • In-person – A one-day, 8 hour course. Lunch is provided for the participants.
  • Virtually – The same 8 hour course is split into shorter, 2-3 hour sections over multiple days and conducted through a virtual meeting platform.


Q: What does the certification class consist of? 

A: The certification training class covers:

  • Outdated technologies/techniques – What are they? How are they hazardous? How to identify them, etc.
  • Eaton’s product solutions – Whole house surge protection, AFCI, GFCI, reno products are all highlighted including a vast array of Wiring Device products. The technicians will understand what the products are, how they work, what the homeowner value is and how to present these to customers.
  • Consultative selling to homeowners – All technicians receive sales training on how to consult homeowners on problems and how to provide solutions.
  • Customer service – Eaton’s A+ service standard is discussed to help the owners and technicians understand how their appearance, actions and attitude can all affect the value that a homeowner places on them.


Q: When is the enrolled contracting company considered "certified"?

A: After one or more technicians attends a certification training session the company is considered certified.

It is at this time the contractor's name is put on the myhome.eaton.com website as a certified installer.


Q: Who do I contact if I have questions before applying?

A: You may contact us via phone at 1-888-328-6624 or via email at CertifiedContractor@eaton.com (or ECCNCanada@eaton.com if you’re located in Canada)